Barns Filled With Plenty

I think it amuses my roommates how charmed I am by covered bridges and barns with fading murals. They both grew up in Pennsylvania so these sites are ordinary, even boring to them, but for myself as a newcomer to this state they have a certain appeal. Besides, who doesn't think there is something delightful about a barn painted with a giant rooster? It was fitting to take pictures it front of this old barn wearing a simple shirtdress, a modern one but evocative of those worn in the 1930s and 40s and photographed by Dorothea Lange.

Outfit details:
Rebecca Minkoff purse
*pictures by Kate



  1. Such a wonderful summer dress. I totally love the combination of dark blue and red.

  2. love that barn! and your dress looks really comfy :)
    ~niki <3

  3. Such an awesome painting on that barn! I really love the effects on these pictures too. The lighting is gorgeous. Your classic shirt dress is wonderful too. It definitely reminds me of the 30's/40's and the red and blue combination is one of my favorites.

  4. you always have such a wonderful eye for things. another beautiful post!

  5. I always love the locations you find for taking your outfit pictures. It always inspires me a little bit to put more effort into finding mine. This barn is great! :) I would love to see that :) also like your outfit ;)
    Georgie from jump and twirl

  6. I had no clue such things were even common in PA! It and you look lovely!

  7. Thank you for your wonderful post.Its amazing one.

    shot for slim


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