Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

I love stolen moments on the roof. I can only escape here for minutes at a time--the slant is too steep for real lounging and the summer sun too near and bright, but I'm very grateful for the brief time I am allowed to perch out there. To sit on the edge of the house beside shy birds and enjoy however temporarily their view of the world. It's nice to sit above and disconnected from the traffic and people passing below; like a secret escape and oasis from reality is waiting outside of your window--carrying you closer to the sky and the stars. Or maybe I'm just living out my moody teenage fantasy of rooftop escapades. It's the sort of place you'd run away to after a fight with your parents and smoke cigarettes you weren't old enough to legally purchase or make out with that boyfriend they don't approve of. A rooftop is just rife with possibilities.

Outfit details:
In4mation tee
thrifted skirt
*pictures by Brittany


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