O Bright Star

I wore this dress a couple of weeks ago in my blog-anniversary video and it has been worn a number of times between now and then that failed to get photographed. The shape is a departure from my usual silhouette, but the delicate star print made it absolutely irresistible to me. My mild obsession with the stars has occasionally overlapped onto this style blog--evidenced in frequent mentions of clothes featuring constellations or illustrations of the night sky and even my own self-made collages frequently place ordinary people on foreign planets with a backdrop of colorful nebulae. I'm not remotely interested in astrology, but I took an Astronomy class when I lived in Hawaii and my fascination with the stars has been constant since then. As opposed to camping as I am, I like nothing more than night-time walks far away from the light pollution of populated areas and would love to sleep beneath the blanket of the sky if it didn't mean sacrificing the comfort of a bed, controlled temperatures, and the unnecessary exposure to insects...I miss how bright the stars were in Hawaii--truly nowhere else compares. With so much time spent admiring the stars it is a natural continuation to want to wear the night sky against my skin. Even a silly five-point representation of those luminous spheres of plasma such as the ones on this dress make me smile every time I catch myself looking down at the ground and my skirt sways into my line of vision.

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  1. I actually really like that tiered silhouette on you, and these photos at dusk are lovely. I also really love that Family Affairs star print dress you used to wear fairly often...

  2. Ahhh the light in these photos is perfeeeect.

  3. Love the purple glow to these which just seems to underline what your writing about so well. A gorgeous twilight feeling.

  4. You look like you've swam in stars already :)

  5. These pictures are magical!

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  7. Love the cut of this dress on you!

    Thanks for always providing light-hearted yet deep writings to entertain me, along with great outfits!


  8. Rebecca, you are such an effortless beauty! <3 <3 <3 And I love the back of that dress so much!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  9. I like the shape of this dress. The high neck is unusual but it works. I took astronomy in college and have loved it ever since too. :)

  10. Also have to point out that your Seychelles sandals are named "Star Gazer"! Perfection!

  11. you really have lived in some wonderful places! sighing over that, your current photos, the dress, & the star filled night sky. :)


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