O Bright Star

I wore this dress a couple of weeks ago in my blog-anniversary video and it has been worn a number of times between now and then that failed to get photographed. The shape is a departure from my usual silhouette, but the delicate star print made it absolutely irresistible to me. My mild obsession with the stars has occasionally overlapped onto this style blog--evidenced in frequent mentions of clothes featuring constellations or illustrations of the night sky and even my own self-made collages frequently place ordinary people on foreign planets with a backdrop of colorful nebulae. I'm not remotely interested in astrology, but I took an Astronomy class when I lived in Hawaii and my fascination with the stars has been constant since then. As opposed to camping as I am, I like nothing more than night-time walks far away from the light pollution of populated areas and would love to sleep beneath the blanket of the sky if it didn't mean sacrificing the comfort of a bed, controlled temperatures, and the unnecessary exposure to insects...I miss how bright the stars were in Hawaii--truly nowhere else compares. With so much time spent admiring the stars it is a natural continuation to want to wear the night sky against my skin. Even a silly five-point representation of those luminous spheres of plasma such as the ones on this dress make me smile every time I catch myself looking down at the ground and my skirt sways into my line of vision.

Outfit details:


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