In Character

Sometimes I want to dress like a character in a book or movie. To step out of my train car at my destination with handheld luggage that perfectly coordinates with my outfit; a hand holding hat to my head as a breeze and the train steam creates the perfect dramatic moment for a long-awaited greeting. Polished pumps and scarlet lips giving no sign of the miles traveled, only perfect presentation and preparation leading to this one ideal moment. But can the destination ever live up to the journey? Or am I destined to leave with an equally memorable goodbye, my luggage a little worse for the wear, my hat missing, and my beau more distant than when he was miles away? Each displaced hair and centimeter of smudged eyeliner an indication of the plot...So, I wear boater hats to friend's river houses and stand on the end of their docks waiting for my ship to sail in. It would be a compliment if someone told me my clothes looked like a costume...

Outfit details:
*pictures by Kate


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