Sunday Remix

Nothing beats a simple white dress on a hot summer day. I'm addicted to this linen one that is quite wrinkle-prone, but lightweight and airy. Perhaps this Fall I'll layer it up more; winter white is supposed to be a trend in the coming season. For now this is a pleasant escape in the wardrobe on days so hot you fear your face will melt off.



  1. all four of these looks are really wonderful. i always love your photography and locations are always very interesting.

  2. lovely, especially the first and the fourth picture X

  3. Love to see how your hair changed over time, and u still look so lovely. :)


  4. Your Sunday Remix posts are really inspiring! I love how different one piece of clothing can look in different photographs and settings. You look lovely btw! x

  5. Little White Dresses are the BEST!. i have yet to find my very own. Combining fun bright tights with this dress for winter would be such a cute idea! :)

  6. That is a perfect summer dress. I especially love it paired with that hat and tote bag. That first picture is lovely.

  7. rebecca! you look lovely in every picture. i love that you wear things so many different ways!
    hey, i actually moved my blog, i don't know if you remember my old one, but it's now at Sometimes Almost Always
    check it out, let me know what you think of it! thanks!

  8. I just love white linen dresses like that for summertime. I have yet to find the perfect one though! It looks amazing with a flower crown x

  9. Beautiful dress, and as always stunning photography!


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