Paths Where Wolves Fear To Prey

If I look a bit awkward in these photos, it's because they were rather awkward to take. I slipped out of the house between storms to this quiet hamlet for pictures and all the while I was working the clouds were rumbling above and I felt rushed. On top of that, a man walked by with his dog...then he walked by again. I assumed he had gone to a certain point and then come back along the same path, but when he walked past me a fourth and fifth time I started to feel a bit suspicious about his jaunt through late summer foliage. I did the most practical thing I could think of and texted a friend who promptly called me and then I stayed on my phone talking rather loudly until the dog-walking gentleman stopped making his rounds. No idea what he had in mind, I lean towards basic curiosity over a girl in the woods with a large tripod and camera. Still, whatever his intentions or thought-process, my own reaction of unease was a normal one. I've had a number of similar encounters over the past few years of taking pictures for the blog. It's good to always be familiar with the area you're taking photographs in if you're alone, be certain you get cellphone reception, don't stray too far from your mode of transportation, and so on.

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