The Examined Life Is No Picnic

This dress feels like summer picnics, tastes like homemade lemonade and raspberry sorbet--not literally of course. It's just I always imbue romantic qualities into my clothes; they transport me to places I dream of being or sometimes places I've been and long to return to. I remember a picnic I had once in junior high with my sister. We crossed the boundary beyond our backyard and spread our blanket on an overgrown and unclaimed field of tall grasses and wildflowers. It was a perfect sunny day and we happily munched away on Nutella sandwiches and crackers...until some bees discovered our sweets and chased us back indoors. Still, it was a pleasant little meal and one of the too rare times I've eaten outside. I have romantic tendencies of seeing a dress and immediately picturing a stroll along the Seine followed by a shared bottle of wine and conversation perched on nearby cobblestones while the sun sets, but my life is quite balanced with reality--I remember the bug bites I've gained from twilights outside, twisted ankles from heels on cobblestones, and bees bringing my picnics to an abrupt conclusion...But that doesn't stop one from dreaming.

Outfit details:
Cheap Monday sunglasses



  1. I love your tendencies to put romantic thoughts into your clothing. I think in way it makes you more likely to seek out those romantic situations and live life more deliberately- and even if your day doesn't allow for seeking those situations, they still seem to give a secret delight to things and that always cheers up the day.

  2. Ah Artful Dodger nail polish paired with Dear Creatures! Yay!

  3. Such a lovely dress. And I really like the colour of those sunglasses.

  4. I can relate to your associating certain clothes with places and events, both real and imagined. :)

    By the way, I love your hair color! That red is gorgeous!


  5. I died when I opened this post. I was wearing this exact outfit over the weekend, shoes and dress. Great minds think alike. Luckily we are on opposite sides of the country so we won't have any awkward moments. ;)

  6. Eloquently put, as always. But, I would argue that the unexamined life is no picnic, either...

    - tianna :)

  7. It's a lovely dress. I ςªŋ see why you have romantic daydreams when you wear it.

  8. rebecca, i like the foods you had at your picnic! it's too hot in texas, for picnics right now.

  9. so cute! i feel like if i wore a dress like that, i'd look super frumpy. you pull everything off well!

  10. I love that idea of styling outfits that make your mind wander to imagine places and past memories. I tend to do that a lot and get inspired like mad! Lovely photos my dear, as always!!


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