A Brief History Of The Universe

The universe oscillates. A series of movements; atoms and matter, expanding and contracting. I get overwhelmed sometimes thinking about the scope of it all--the immensity. That’s one of the reasons I love the ocean, or lakes, rivers. Water at its essence, is a microcosm for the universe; its cyclical nature, its ebb and flow, waves and tides, cause and reaction. It’s a quiet beauty and rhythm that comforts me and offers hope that even a tiny speck in the universe like me might cause ripples in the existence of the whole. That perhaps we can all play a part in the movement of life. Mostly, I find hope in the constant of its nature; that I can sit beside a river at dusk and listen to it, touch it, watch it begin to catch fire with reds and yellows and pinks, as the sun disappears beneath the horizon. I know that it will go on. It was here before me, it will continue after, and I feel blessed to have been a part of it; even if that part is brief.

Outfit details:
Wren celestial dress
*text by Jon


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