A Brief History Of The Universe

The universe oscillates. A series of movements; atoms and matter, expanding and contracting. I get overwhelmed sometimes thinking about the scope of it all--the immensity. That’s one of the reasons I love the ocean, or lakes, rivers. Water at its essence, is a microcosm for the universe; its cyclical nature, its ebb and flow, waves and tides, cause and reaction. It’s a quiet beauty and rhythm that comforts me and offers hope that even a tiny speck in the universe like me might cause ripples in the existence of the whole. That perhaps we can all play a part in the movement of life. Mostly, I find hope in the constant of its nature; that I can sit beside a river at dusk and listen to it, touch it, watch it begin to catch fire with reds and yellows and pinks, as the sun disappears beneath the horizon. I know that it will go on. It was here before me, it will continue after, and I feel blessed to have been a part of it; even if that part is brief.

Outfit details:
Wren celestial dress
*text by Jon



  1. love that collar!


  2. Would love to have a floor length version of that skirt. So beautiful!

  3. Beautiful collar and bag!


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  5. Those words were so beautifully put. These photos are also beautiful. This is just a beautiful and awesome post!

  6. I love the tinge of red in these photos. Makes it feel like these were shot on film. Lovely outfit, by the way. I am really wanting those shoes!

  7. Love these photos! How did you edit them Rebecca? :)

  8. Love that dress! Btw, how do I follow you on blogger? :(

  9. these shoes! and that dress is perfect for you.

  10. beautiful post, both words and photos.

  11. love this outfit, especially your collar! amazing!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  12. @Bethany, I'm not sure what you mean--there's Google Reader and Bloglovin...do you have a preferred method to follow blogspot sites?

  13. What a wonderful explanation on the history of the universe! I love the metaphor that was being used in this post! It almost felt like I was reading a fiction, accompanied by great outfit pictures!

  14. This post is beautiful. I love the way you write, fits so nicely with your photos.

  15. this wren dress has got to be one of my favorite dresses on you. it's just such a wonderful dress - and it fits you so wonderfully. i always love your images by the river - i am too scared to come too close to the river because i have a history of slipping and falling on rocks and getting huge injuries (this has happened more than 3 times in my life...you'd think i'd learn). anyhow, your friend jon's writing is truly beautiful, i love his use of such vivid imagery

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  16. This is such a wonderful look. I love the black sweater layered over your incredibly cool galaxy dress.


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