Feminine Wiles

I spent a good portion of my summer in these shorts. They're the perfect loose-fitting, light wash that just seem to go with everything and are so easy to throw on. I usually wear them on days I know I won't have time to take pictures--such as times I'm helping a friend move boxes or spending several hours in the car driving to visit my parents. I also think the only way I could wear this large hair bow is balanced with classic stripes and slouchy jean shorts. I adore fascinators formed of feathers, leaves, strange beaded things, and various other elements, but the most feminine of accessories--a large, blush tone bow to be worn behind the ear or tucked above a pony tail? Way too girlish for me. Even with my shorter cut I tend to avoid clothes and accessories that seem overly feminine to me; obviously my definition isn't determined by skirts or pleats or florals, but rather tends to be focused on frills, ruffles, pink shades, and bows. Still with a pixie cut it can be a nice juxtaposition to wear a tulle puff-ball of a dress and it's always good to mix things up...

Outfit details:
UO tee
thrifted shorts



  1. great shoes!


  2. Lovely shoes and shorts!


  3. I love this outfit! It's really sweet...I've been meaning to buy a hair bow/flower like that but wasn't sure I could pull it off - you've just inspired me to give it a shot.

  4. ah! so precious! I love bows and interesting hair bobbles, but I don't think I'd ever feel quite in my skin with a big pouffe. it's fun to see other people pull it off though!

  5. Your top is my favorite part! It's such simple, perfectly cut, beautiful shirt. Your shorts look similar to my summer staple shorts :). They're great to have.

  6. definitely the right way to wear a bow! I ADORE this outfit. It is perfect casual cool! I also try to stay away from too cute/girly. I figure I am cute enough as it is (ha ha ha); and I'd rather look cool/hip/sophisticated.

    ps. I am trying for the FIFTH time to get the stupid prove you're not a robot code write! AH! I am SO bad at these!

  7. I agree about overly girly hair bows and such. But this looks really cute on you. I make leaf headbands right now in my shop and they're simpler and easier to wear for me, especially if I have a dress on too...the combo of dress and bows just seems too fussy for my personality, or perhaps too young? Not that I typically adhere to age appropriate dressing-haha. If they would fit, I'd totally steal my 6-year-old niece's clothes. ;)

  8. @Kimberellie, sorry! I know it's a pain. When I took it off I started getting 20+ spam comments a day. Right now with it on it's down to 1 or 2. :/

  9. These photos are gorgeous, you always manage to find the most beautiful overgrown gardens.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  10. Can't go wrong with stripes and shorts. Its a look that will always be fashionable and timeless.

  11. Ooh! I love this outfit so much! You look adorable! <3 I love the mix of the boyish + feminine looks!


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