Feminine Wiles

I spent a good portion of my summer in these shorts. They're the perfect loose-fitting, light wash that just seem to go with everything and are so easy to throw on. I usually wear them on days I know I won't have time to take pictures--such as times I'm helping a friend move boxes or spending several hours in the car driving to visit my parents. I also think the only way I could wear this large hair bow is balanced with classic stripes and slouchy jean shorts. I adore fascinators formed of feathers, leaves, strange beaded things, and various other elements, but the most feminine of accessories--a large, blush tone bow to be worn behind the ear or tucked above a pony tail? Way too girlish for me. Even with my shorter cut I tend to avoid clothes and accessories that seem overly feminine to me; obviously my definition isn't determined by skirts or pleats or florals, but rather tends to be focused on frills, ruffles, pink shades, and bows. Still with a pixie cut it can be a nice juxtaposition to wear a tulle puff-ball of a dress and it's always good to mix things up...

Outfit details:
UO tee
thrifted shorts


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