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My series of outfits on books has reminded me how often I feel as if I'm dressing as a character, but I usually keep the interpretation subtle. This dress reminds me of Anna Karina's Marianne in Pierrot le Fou--it's as much about a mood and silhouette as literal visual interpretation. Inspirations are always lurking behind my outfits like that; they're in my mind when I'm shopping and getting dressed. I think that's why I'm so fond of the 50's silhouette--my admiration for films of that period and frequent viewing of said movies. Yet, the inspiration remains quietly in the background. I don't want to feel as if I'm wearing a costume. Also, as much fun as my book series is (something I would love to continue doing for weeks and weeks without end), they're terribly limiting. There's a specific look to a book or a character or movie that is very rigid and quite outside of myself. What I mean is, whenever I focus too much on emulating Anna Karina I miss out on interpreting it into something that is more me. It's why I can't have one style icon--there are too many looks I admire and want to re-work and combine into something that feels more organic to my life and style.

Outfit details:
Modcloth dress



  1. You and trees man. lol I love the dress! Its like sailor inspired.

  2. You look so lovely, like something out of the French New Wave, a bit!

  3. I've loved your literary series. It inspired me to be a bit more creative and imaginative as well. Hope you can take a look at this latest post:

    Thank you so much!


  4. I enjoyed this series as well. Books have been such a big part of my life and the characters always remain with you. In fact, I'm itching to start a new book. I really like this dress. Really cute.

  5. gorgeous photos!

  6. i love these photos and your outfit so much <3

  7. I love your literary series and I think it's great to draw inspiration from the book characters, but honestly I didn't see an incredible difference in those outfit posts as compared to your other ones. So I guess even though you may feel limited in wardrobe choices when emulating a character, that feeling doesn't obviously translate into the look, since it's still ultimately your clothes, your sense of style, and your take on the character.

  8. @Shauna, no I agree, the looks aren't vastly different from my usual styles--and I'm limited in hair/make up as well, b/c it's still me. But yes, the limitation is in my choices--I can't just pull any piece and every element of the outfits (shoes to accessories) is thought-out and considered for the character rather than my personal preferences.


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