Roof Sitting

This is my last post from the little rooftop on this old farm house I've been living in this summer. I recently signed a year's lease at a new apartment in a more urban setting and I'm making the move over there--it's not far from this house, so I imagine if I don't find quiet spots in the city for my pictures I'll be driving out to my recent haunts for photographs and some distance from humanity. Anyway, this was really a lovely afternoon that I was perched out here; a storm was off on the horizon and lovely clouds were passing quickly overhead. I really wish more time could be spent roof-sitting.

Outfit details:
*pictures by Kate


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

these photos are great! what an adorable place!


Kristian said...

Love those shoes and the peekaboo detail on the back.

Angie | Pandaphilia.com said...

what a cool setting! i adore your shoes - oxfords rule

pandaphilia style

MintJulep said...

Those shoes are driving me insane, I want them that bad!!

Kitsune-kun said...

fun setting! I lived in a cool old house in college that had an awesome roof to hang out on too. I have so many great memories of crawling through the window, reading books, doing homework, eating picnics, having parties, and we even hid a treasure chest up there for a st patricks gold hunt party. I miss it!

Kammy - Comer, Blogar, Amar... said...

love your pics
pretty dress


Meghan Elizabeth said...

I've always dreamed of having a house with a roof that could be perched on! so lovely <3

Jenna E said...

I am a huge fan of perching myself on the roof. It brings me back to childhood, sitting on my parents shed for hours.
Great photos