Infinite In The Finite

If spring is when nature surges back to life, then fall is when our wardrobes do. After a season held in suspense by heat we begin to return to shorter, busier days and more interesting styles. It begins with cardigans and light jackets, sleeves lengthening while legs find covering in tights and the layers just add in time with coats and mittens and scarves and hats--and it all ends inappropriately with silly heels and sparkly dresses completely wrong for the weather, but quite festive for holiday parties. I, like many others, do love this season. An opportunity to re-invent or at least re-invigorate your wardrobe with new color combinations, interesting silhouettes, or merely piling on the coziest knits to be found--fall is when I feel I have more options in getting dressed. These tights or those knee socks? This sweater with that dress, or a jacket under coat--and which scarf shall I throw on top? There's just an infinite variety of options that seem to emerge from a finite wardrobe. I'm already wearing this old wool cardigan I've had since high school around like a second skin. With new glam heels and a pretty patterned dress, the cardigan adds that mix of old and familiar to the new in my closet.

Outfit details:
old school cardigan


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