Sunday Remix

The rather enormous bow on the front of this Nadinoo dress makes it difficult for layering, but that's also the detail which makes the dress so special. Mixing it up is a bit hard, but it's still a dress I've come back to time and again. I really enjoy dresses with interesting details, so I'll work around the complications.



  1. i love the top right sweater, where did you get it? :-)

  2. your hair was so long!

  3. Sometimes it's just nice to know that stand out pieces like this one can be reached for time and time again. Sometimes I shy away from something bold for fear it won't get worn enough to justify the purchase, but with remixes like this one prove that it is possible.

  4. aww i like seeing your old hairstyles in the remixes :)

    Sometimes Almost Always

  5. I like her dress very girly and fashionable. Simplicity makes a big impact in her appearance she looks stunning in her dress. It's very attractive. Keep it up!

  6. Is that your natural hair color? It's so beautiful!!

  7. @Morgan Kelly, thank you, but no I dye it. The bottom picture is close to my natural, but you can see how much more red it is in pics above.


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