Sunday Remix

I only started wearing this Lauren Moffatt dress this summer (bought on sale last winter) but I've already got a lot of wear out of it. Like a lot of summer dresses there isn't a lot of variety in these looks, but I really do believe in getting the most out of my wardrobe and wearing my favorite pieces again and again. I really like the almost patriotic stripes and stud detailing around the collar--it's the sort of dress I can wear without worrying much about accessories...exactly what I like on hot summer days.



  1. I think is cute; and cute fresh dresses are the best for hot summer dayr; I can understand you as I normally wear lots of dresses during the year and those comfy ones are finally my favourites too!

  2. so cute. you're like a fairy!

  3. I love this dress!!!


    Mostly Lisa

  4. I love how the dress is faintly nautical, but thanks to your backdrops and minimal accessories looks perfect for the forest

    Meghan, The Flight of Fancy


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