Subtley Of Senses

Blogging is a wonderful medium; the Internet a marvelous invention and a place I spend far too much time. Still, it has its limitations. I was thinking to myself about the other senses not engaged by a visually-driven blog such as mine. As much as I enjoy my wanderings around the web, there is a limitation to the experience. No visually stunning image of a forest can convey the rustle of leaves under foot, the dappled sunlight dancing through foliage, or the cicada's singing into an evening sky. If my blog had a song, what would it be? If it had a scent, how would it smell? If you could run your fingertips across its edges, what would it feel like? I asked a few friends and we decided the blog might sound like Fading Slowly by Swell Season, it might smell like a mix of moss and old books and cinnamon, and it feels like velvet--soft and welcoming, but also warm summer breezes that brush against your bare skin on starlit nights.

I wonder what artists people would associate me with in their heads--what songs they hear that remind them of my personality, or if they picture me as a color. What sort of associations do you picture yourself as?

Outfit details:
TBA dress, gift from Audrey Grace Boutique


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