Subtley Of Senses

Blogging is a wonderful medium; the Internet a marvelous invention and a place I spend far too much time. Still, it has its limitations. I was thinking to myself about the other senses not engaged by a visually-driven blog such as mine. As much as I enjoy my wanderings around the web, there is a limitation to the experience. No visually stunning image of a forest can convey the rustle of leaves under foot, the dappled sunlight dancing through foliage, or the cicada's singing into an evening sky. If my blog had a song, what would it be? If it had a scent, how would it smell? If you could run your fingertips across its edges, what would it feel like? I asked a few friends and we decided the blog might sound like Fading Slowly by Swell Season, it might smell like a mix of moss and old books and cinnamon, and it feels like velvet--soft and welcoming, but also warm summer breezes that brush against your bare skin on starlit nights.

I wonder what artists people would associate me with in their heads--what songs they hear that remind them of my personality, or if they picture me as a color. What sort of associations do you picture yourself as?

Outfit details:
TBA dress, gift from Audrey Grace Boutique



  1. Is that a new hair colour? It looks spectacular with that dress! :)

  2. great blog! it was a great read to start my day. :) have a great weekend.

  3. I love that dress and wow, your hair color looks so vivid, I love it!

  4. Such a pretty and girly dress!

  5. Oh I love this so much! Gorgeous colors!

  6. Loving the hair colour.


  7. Me, I sound like Summoning, any album really. Or like CoF, The Black Godess Rises... and I smell like Je Reviens, by Wurth (I wish!!)

  8. Such intriguing questions! I think most of what you and your pals came up with hits the nail on the head as far as my perception of this blog. I would be all about the scratch n' sniff blog or maybe blog posts enhanced with noises!? we should look into this haha

  9. Its interesting because blogging is part of this "virtual world" of the internet and while caught up in that, its hard to remember how much we miss out on in real life. So much of what we do now is online, its quite depressing to think of. It seems many people would rather have those experiences than to be out doing something in the real world. I find myself always regretting time spent on the internet vs being outside or doing something that feels worthwhile. Usually looking back it seems like I've wasted time. Of course, on the other hand there are so many cool things to be exposed to through the internet...its all about finding balance I guess.
    All that to say I really like the idea of a blog becoming a world in real life as well as an internet page!

  10. @Wendy Sice, thank you! I got a cut and color a few weeks ago--this actually isn't the color I wanted, but I always get it done at a salon and the salon changes so I never know how it's going to come out. It looks less bright in other posts, b/c it's been this color since a post on the 23rd, but when I take pictures later in the day it affects the colors of things. This color is growing on me, I thought it was too bright at first. :)

  11. Hello hello Rebecca!
    I was initially going to comment on what I thought was your new hairdo. It turns out that it just looks more noticeable in this post.
    Whatever the case may be, you look darling with such vibrant hair :)

    I really love that you always make me think a little harder. When I read your blog, I know that I will be getting to ogle lots of pretty pictures and lovely clothes while also being pushed to think a little. While some may say that fashion should remain just merely about fashion and not anything else, I like being pushed to think. It's nice to be a little uncomfortable sometimes. It makes you grow and it makes you want to change instead of being static.

    To me, you seem like a woodland creature or some sort of sprite or fairy. Ooooh I know!
    You're a delicate little bird flying on the wings of literature and beauty, radiating this happy natural light all around. In my head, you're the loveliest shade of green, the kind that you find in nature that makes you like green even if you normally think it's the strangest color ever. You're a little green bird flying to the sound of gentle jazz (maybe French). But somewhere amongst that green is a little hint of red, a deep vibrant color. It taints you and is what prevents you from being so pure that you fly away in my imagination. That delicate hint of red is what grounds you in this world and leaves you sharing with us all these lovely photos and thoughts and little things from your dreamy home somewhere deep in the forest, hidden behind a cloud and just around the corner from our childhood dreams and imaginings.

    So yes indeed, that is how I see you.
    I hope my incessant rambling (as always) didn't perturb you Rebecca!

    Have an absolutely amazing Labor Day weekend! <3

    The Ace of Hearts

  12. Sweet pics... Colors inspire a romantic autumn mood!

  13. Maybe it's the gorgeous hair color, but I immediately think of Florence and the Machine. :)

  14. Mumford & Sons definitely comes to mind when i read your posts

    interesting things to think about, maybe you should do 'blog reading packs' and fill them with items you want your readers to listen to/feel/smell as they read :D

    and your blog totally smells of toasting marshmallows on a bonfire in the middle of a field :D

  15. I really love that you always make me think a little harder. When I read your blog, I know that I will be getting to ogle lots of pretty pictures and lovely clothes while also being pushed to think a little.writing services


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