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Train tracks are a fitting location for an outfit post at the moment considering all the traveling I've been doing. Train tracks always represent endless possibilities--the distant horizon line we might one day reach as long as we keep going. For many people trains are also a way to take travel slowly and truly enjoy it; like choosing a road trip over a plane flight and stopping at roadside attractions along the way. It's a bit of a dying tradition. Oh yes, people are still driving cars and even road-tripping it, but it's less common and the places to stop along the way have diminished, much like the decline in leisurely instead of commuter railway traffic. It's sad in some ways how the world has become so quantified and known; that I take an Amtrak up to New York for a week's visit, but know that a similar ride out West doesn't lead to adventure and unclaimed lands. Still while there is much the world has defined and even recorded in books, magazines, or videos there is no comparison for personal experience. The West is no longer wild and untamed, but much of it remains new to me. Frontiers are less universal, but rather the personal--a boundary line built by our experience and limited only by our boldness.

Outfit details:
Zara purse
vintage scarf



  1. ahhh the snakeskin on the heels is so great.

  2. You look so awesome! I really like the little detail of the scarf on the bag :)

    I ADORE taking trains on trips, it can be so romantic to just stare at the scenery! Especially when the train slowly creeps through small towns :)

  3. love where you take your pictures!! those shoes are amazing!

  4. What a beautiful shoes! I love them!


  5. LOVE THIS! <3

  6. This is gorgeous, you look so vintage and elegant :)

  7. I love your dress sense and your writing style, definitely one of my favourite bloggers! :)

  8. Such a gorgeous dress! You look very pretty :)

  9. "Frontiers are less universal, but rather the personal--a boundary line built by our experience and limited only by our boldness."

    Holy shit! This line is so incredibly well put. Succinct, insightful, brilliant ... :)

  10. Those shoes are so great Rebecca! Love this look.

  11. I love your reflection on the tracks and travel - beautifully written.

    And as for the outfit, those shoes have won my heart! Beauty!

  12. You sure know how to look rockin in red!


  13. Being from the "Wild West" (Wyoming), there's a strange duality of feeling. On the one hand, it is crazy to remember you are in someplace exotic to people (though, it does get a little annoying when people think you ride a horse to school or ask you "Oh, I thought Wyoming was a National Park; they let people live there?"). Yet, some part of Wyoming or Montana are in about half of a year's worth of National Geographics; it IS exotic.

    And, for the record, if you ever wanted to come west on a train stopping at White Fish MT, along the Canadian Border, or down to Gallup NM and you'd find the unknown and untamed :)

    You look beautiful in this dress, and your thoughts about the real new frontiers being inside oneself are great.

  14. It may be a dying tradition in USA but in most parts of the world, this is still a highly popular way of transportation. In Europe, for example. Hope you'll be happy to hear that.

  15. fabulous shoes! and the entire outfit has the perfect colors for right now!


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