After Rain

Rainy days always remind me of Washington State. The first time I lived there was my sixth grade year. It was a bad year, two weeks after I started school I was forced to switch schools, making the number of elementary schools I attended outnumber my sisters' previous records. It was also the year Washington State broke a record for raining over one hundred days straight. After the previous sunlit years in North Carolina with bunnies we raised and neighborhood kids we could visit just by climbing fences, Washington was dreary. But somewhere between the assurances from my mother that "6th grade is a bad year for everyone" and daily sessions in front of our gas fireplace with a novel, I acclimated. I started to enjoy the softer light of grey days and how they made everything seem cozier. I bonded with girls who shared favorite authors and animes. Now whenever I think of Washington State it is as one of my favorite places to live. So, I don't mind rainy days so much...and like many a Washingtonian I still loathe to use an umbrella.

Outfit details:
UO bomber
thrifted shoes



  1. Wow 100 days of straight rain!? I think I'd have to move after 20... Love your dress here!

  2. I just bought a similar looking dress on sale at Target a few days ago! It is a gorgeous burgundy colors and the flowers on it are pink,yellow, and navy. So pretty! I am planning to remix a good few times to get a lot of wear out of it.Hooray for florals in Fall!

  3. I hear you on the 100 days of straight rain; I'm from Vancouver. It is cozy when you can be inside with a book and the gas fire (also my usual place). Less cozy when standing at the bus stop for 20 minutes. But I like the pearly greyness and the white light. :)

  4. 100 days straight?! That's crazy...I love the rain, but I don't know if I'd be able to handle it quite that often. And I think your mom was right: 6th grade is a bad year for everyone (well, in my experience, anyway :P)

  5. Did you know that this summer we had less rain here in WA than Death Valley? I could really use 100 days of rain right now. I would settle for just one, to clear the air.

    You look adorable and good for you for eschewing the umbrella. That's how we know tourists in Seattle.

  6. 6th grade IS hard for everyone. How true.

    You look adorable here and eloquently described rainy days.


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