Blue Hills Ache With Meaning

It's interesting living in a city--a small city, I know but one regardless. When I was younger I wanted nothing more than to settle in a city; I thought New York sounded wonderful: public transportation, walking everywhere, so many stories, libraries, bakeries, etc. I enjoyed living in Sapporo and Athens in equal measure, but some time after college my interest in city-living began to wane. Now, I'm quite convinced that I should live somewhere secluded. I don't mind the long drives to a grocery store or movie theater and I do enjoy the quietness, the scenery, and seclusion of the countryside. But part of me thinks I'm too young to become a hermit, living in a tiny cabin with an enormous wolfhound and a pile of books. So, for now I'm trying the city thing and driving out frequently to drink in the rolling hills and scenic farmland of Pennsylvania.

Outfit details:
ASOS dress, similar
Wolford tights
vintage shoes
*pictures by Jon


Liz Lauren said...

cool jacket! Happy Halloween!

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Ruby Sterland said...

Great post! I think I'm probably the same as you about the whole city thing. I've grown up in the countryside, but near a small city. I LOVE the idea of London, but I think eventually I will come back to a smaller, more rural city. It's my home.

Kristian said...

I like living in a small town, but not too far from a "city" (100,000 is a city, right?)

Love the dress's richnenss.

Shauna said...

As I'm currently living in a big city, I can say almost definitely that I would prefer the hermit life. But I'm equally as sure that I would long for the excitement and action of the city after time away from it. As long as there is the possibility of escape that is. I suppose happiness is all about finding balance instead of extremes.
That dress is beautiful, it has a very medieval feel.

Carolyn said...

Beautiful shoot. I love the idea of the city- the art galleries and having so much creative culture close by- but I hate the expensive rents, the awful public transport and the congestion on the roads in the city I'm in now. The country is definitely the place I'll end up.