He Put Her In A Pumpkin Shell

I suppose it wouldn't be October without the obligatory pumpkin post...disregarding all my past Octobers without pumpkin patch posts (trying say that ten times fast). I can't recall ever going to a pick-your-own-pumpkin patch before, but it was a fun excursion I wouldn't mind repeating next year. It's funny how the yen for seasonal festivities lies dormant most of summer then begins all at once. One moment you're walking home, pulling your hat down over your ears to avoid some of the cold wind whipping down the streets and the next you're smelling cinnamon in the air and wondering when Fall became an alchemist as leaves turn gold. Is pumpkin pie an appropriate breakfast food?

Outfit details:
UO hat
vintage cardigan
ASOS dress
vintage shoes
Rebecca Minkoff backpack



  1. Very cute...love your title...


  2. ...and there he kept her very well!

    love it! Great shoot!

    doing a giveaway on my blog!


  3. Smashing pumpkins you found, there! Oh, I just said smashing pumpkins, hehe... I've always loved Autumn, being very much a cozy-at-home type of person. And the tweed, and the plaid, and the pies, it's so wonderful! And, yes, pumpkin pie is appropriate at any and all meals.

  4. I love October, well actually fall in general. In my books pumpkin pie is acceptable anytime of the day, breakfast included!

  5. how cute you are!

    i can't even imagine how heavy those things are. haha. still, i'd love to be able to give the whole pumpkin-picking experience a try in this lifetime. (;

  6. Love this post, your outfit is so nice and pumkins are so big and so funny !
    Kiss from Paris
    Trip in my dressing

  7. Lovely vintage shoes. I really like your style, and burgundy+blue is one of my current favourite matching!

  8. how pretty are you! I love your hat. just the right autumn-y adorable touch. :)

    I've never been to a pumpkin patch because the option has never presented itself! but I would love to, someday, get to pick out my own pumpkin and take adorable October pictures.


  9. the pictures jon takes bring a different side of you, a more playful one :D i ship the two of you so much.

  10. @lp, haha thanks. we're just friends though. :)


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