Sunday Remix

I have a serious addiction to red dresses. I have a number of fancy vintage ones with full, tulle skirts that  I never get a chance to wear decorating my walls--this white trimmed one from ASOS a couple of seasons ago gets much more wear in the summer months. I don't know why people tell redheads they can't wear red...people can wear any color they want to wear. Regardless, rich tones like a powerful red can be extremely flattering on pale skin and no one should be afraid to experiment with color.



  1. I always look forward to Sunday Remix! I love it!

    doing a giveaway on my blog!

  2. Ah I have this dress in navy but wish I'd got it in red now, so much more striking! It suits you perfectly, it's well worth breaking the rules sometimes!

  3. This dress is beautiful, it's got such lovely little details xo

  4. Red on redheads looks amazing, I don't know why they're afraid of it. Really loving on these red dresses.

  5. I have a serious lack of red dresses for some reason. In fact I have only one and I never wear it; it's a less than perfect fit but looks charming on the hanger. I have red hair, but it's a very brilliant cherry red and definitely not my natural hair colour. But I'm not too shy to say I think I do suit wearing red with red hair too, and it casts such a warm, bashful glow onto my skin. I think you look gorgeous in red, but like you I grew up in the navy boat. Thus my single red dress?

  6. Red on redheads looks amazing,i like it.

  7. I've been looking through your photos to see how you dress up to work with your skin tone, and I must say you do it FABULOUSLY! I'm a major fan! I love this red dress!


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