Rainy Days

Rainy days are like runny noses--they really make you appreciate those pre-cold days when you weren't a mouth breather leaving a shameful trail of tissues in your wake. When you awake in semi-darkness with cold droplets pounding against your window you suddenly miss those mornings that felt like beginnings with sunshine streaming through the curtains you forgot to close almost making you wish you had worn shades to bed. Rainy days make time seem to advance slower because every hour that passes looks the same as the last without gaining or losing brightness until night is upon you like a hood pulled over your head. Yet, rainy days are like runny noses--giving you an excuse to stay indoors or even in bed re-reading your favorite novels and listening to the sounds of the rain as if it was a mix tape compiled by your best friend.

Outfit details:
UO blouse
Cynthia Rowley tights
*pics by Jon


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