Sunday Remix

It's sweater weather again and who doesn't like cozy sweaters? One of my personal favorites is this PJ by Peter Jensen I snagged on sale a couple of years ago. They've released some cute new styles since then that I'm tempted to buy, but for now this sweater is serving me well. It's lightweight enough to be worn on warmer days, but still cozy enough to seek for comfort when the temperatures start to drop.



  1. That sweater is so cute! What I love best about remixes are getting to see all the different stages of your hair :)
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  2. great sweater! love how you can have any haircut!

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  4. The sweater is awesome and you look absolutely stunning!

  5. I love that sweater, I wish I had bought it too when it was still around! I love seeing all your different hair lengths and you must be the most organised blogger ever for your outfit photos to find all these for your remix posts. I can only assume plenty of labels and categories! :)

  6. It was so cute seing you go from long locks to short pixy cut! :)

  7. Yes, whenever I see pics of you with long hair, I am impressed with how brave you were to chop it all off. Both looks suit you quite well but I'm a fan of the pixie.

  8. that sweater is so pretty. do you know where the black skirt from the first picture is from? I've been looking for one like that for ages x


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