I'm a summer person at heart. Fall has me grasping for space heaters and wearing every conceivable knit around my house let alone out of doors--although with old houses being the way they are, I'm often surprised to find the temperature in the sun on the street warmer than my bedroom. Anyway, this sweater has been worn enormously around my house; I tend to throw it on top of whatever I was already wearing when I start to get cold regardless of whether or not it fits. It was the perfect match for my wellies on a cool walk around this rather muddy lake near my home. Stormy weather has turned most of the paths in this area to puddles. I'm sort of in luck as I have just escaped to Florida for a brief visit to my sister, so I shall miss the hurricane. I'm sort of out of luck, as my return flight has already been I don't really know when I'll be getting back home...

Outfit details:
customized skirt
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vintage Coach purse


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