There's a wonderful sense of calm in libraries; I never really tire of lingering between the tall rows of books. I'm much more at home surrounded by novels than people--I've found more comfort in written words thann those that have been spoken to me. With re-reads upon re-reads the personal histories of certain characters seem more vivid than my own. Oh, I've talked about it numerous times before but it bares repeating with today's post featuring this old library. I wonder what the future can hold for people who always found more satisfaction in stories than reality...

Outfit details:
vintage sweater
Rachel Antonoff dress
vintage Coach purse
*pictures by Kate



  1. Being a library technician student, I love this backdrop!
    (And of course, your ensemble! ;->)


  2. love the plaid on you!

    check out my giveaway!

  3. Libraries/Bookstores are my favorite places in the world. Seriously...I used to be an avid reader, and even though I'm not as in touch with literature as I once was, the calming feeling of any place housing books is amazing. Love your outfit too, so perfect for the setting :)


  4. Lovely shots! You match the location so nicely, and it all feels so autumnal and academic.


  5. I love your library shoots~

  6. pretty plaid dress
    love it

  7. What a beautiful library! The wood really compliments the red in your outfit and vice versa. I just love the collar on your plaid dress. There is nothing as intoxicating as a good book. Even the smell of an old book moves me to distant places.

  8. That's a very pretty dress! It really matches with the library too. Books are great, I especially love them during winter. It's so nice to wrap yourself in thick blankets with a good book and hot choco or tea :)

  9. First off, love that library and the outfit.

    Second, your writing always strikes a cord with me- its very lovely. But this bit stood out to me today: "I wonder what the future can hold for people who always found more satisfaction in stories than reality..."

    It gives me something to ponder, but I think, in general, that great things can be in store for such people. It seems like a lot of writers (no surprise!) were that way as many artists, great thinkers and even leaders. And, of course, many people who are none of these things, like mother. Thank you for giving me something to think about.

  10. I love this post, the tartan is adorable! One of the things I love most about Autumn/Winter is all the beautiful clothes we can wear :)

  11. i know what you mean, libraries and old book shops give a sense of comfort :)


  12. love, love, love that dress! you styled it perfectly!!

  13. isn't that the perfect library dress!

  14. This library must be beautiful!

  15. That outfit + that setting = perfection. What a lovely library!

  16. That library looks wonderful! love your outfit as always and i too find more comfort in written words than spoken ones.

  17. What a beautiful library setting, and an lovely outfit to match! I love the plaid!

    Your bookish posts have absolutely been my favourite!

  18. oh my word that is the cutest dress! I remember a while back I sewed fox shaped pockets onto a sweater and I thought I was being all clever, and then a few months later these dresses and skirts started popping up all over the internet with their much cuter kitty pockets and I felt so one-upped. I can't quite tell what's going on with the back of the sweater but it looks like some sort of subtle woven pattern and I really like it.

  19. <3 The wonderful library setting and the books, your perfect outfit head to toe, expecially that awesome plaid dress.. with the cat pocket! Everything is just perfection.

  20. I always love your outfit posts but this is one of my favourites - the rich colours of the library contrast beautifully with your outfit, and make me want to put aside my laptop and pick up a good book. Lovely!


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