It Did Not Feel Like A Homecoming

While in Florida I drove down to Key West with my sister, which means she drove and I enjoyed the passing scenery. It's a pretty fantastic drive as you hop from key to key on these narrow little bridges surrounded by stunning aquamarine waters--parts definitely reminded me of Hawaii. The main stop on our Key West visit was the Ernest Hemingway house. These pictures were snapped in the gardens behind the famous home. The house is beautiful and punctuated with personal touches like gorgeous tiles and antiques Hemingway brought back from his adventures abroad. His studio was everything you'd imagine and the grounds are still populated with cats descended from Hemingway's own; some still possess the unusual six toes of their predecessor. It was definitely a gorgeous home regardless of the original owner, but that added history made the brief visit much more interesting--the walls are still peppered with his photographs.

Outfit details:
vintage skirt
Tumblr tote bag



  1. Love your outfit. I am heading to Key West in January. Can't wait for the drive down! xoxo Patricia

  2. Beautiful and sweet :)

  3. Such a lovely garden and lovely outfit~

  4. I was just telling someone about all the six toed cats. I think that was my favorite part of the house tour. Granted, when I visited in middle school I hadn't read any Hemingway yet. - Leah

  5. How funny, only yesterday I thought about how I went there a few years ago and wanted to go again!
    Glad to see you seem to have enjoyed your stay as well :)

    Hailey from

  6. super cute skirt, looking adorable as always, I'm very jealous of the sunshine


  7. The print on your skirt is so cute! That's really neat that you got to see Hemingway's home. The story about the 6-toed cats is so interesting!

  8. I love the Hemingway house! Your skirt is really fun!

  9. I love his "writing treehouse". Such a cool place! I was just in the Keys for thanksgiving. Love that place!


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