Sunday Remix

This dress is one I will definitely wear to pieces before retiring. Navy is really such a flexible color for layering and works in so many seasons since it's less harsh than black. This dress is from ASOS a couple of years ago and still a favorite. I've remixed it before, but I've worn it a few different way since then.


giselaisback said...

Haven't read blogs for a while and OMG you've got short hair! I still know you with your long hair!
Anyway, looks good anyway :D
Moreover I still love your outfits <3


Vicki said...

you gotta love the LND! :) navy is my favourite colour you can match it with anything. Love your remixes. xo

Rory said...

LOVE that dress! looks so versatile :)

Georgie said...

Love the remix! I have a similar dress and I absolutely agree with you. It´s so easy to remix it and also the shape is nice :) Great post. I get so much inspiration from you. Sunday/Saturday remixes are my favourites!! :)

Audrey Masitsa said...

Lovely post!
Thanks for the inspiration. I've recently started wearing more skirts and dresses so I'm looking for ways to wear them differently.

MissTeefeyLee said...

great remix, such a versatile dress