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My favorite type of dress to wear is a vintage shirtdress--they can be in short supply however so I don't own that many. Still, I snagged this one awhile a couple of years ago and it's been on fairly heavy rotation in my closet and I haven't gotten tired of wearing it yet. Shirtdresses just have the perfect balance of ladylike and pulled together without feeling too formal for day like other vintage dresses can. The stripes make it quite easy to mix with other colors and I like how the blue pops against neutrals. Anyway, definitely a favorite. What's your favorite style of dress to wear?



  1. I am always so confused at first and then entertained seeing you with long and short hai in the same blog post. :) You look lovely either way!

  2. Beautiful photographs and lovely styling with the shirt dress.

    Emma <3

  3. I love the way you've styled this dress, especially in the last photo with those gorgeous heels. I agree, shirtdresses are so versatile!
    My favourite style of dress to wear would have to be any dress with a full skirt - I can't help but love the feminine, ladylike feel of a full skirt.

  4. Yay to the shirtdress - another fan here. They are so easy to pull off!
    Love this one of yours and the different ways you styled it. It looks very versatile and the blue hue with stripes plus the unique front buttons really make this dress a little beauty.

  5. i like the dress so much! the color looks so pretty on your rebecca. i'm a huge fan of blue. :)

  6. In general, I love 50's dress with a strict waistline, collar and buttons all down the back. Does it exist?! :-) Anyway your style is really pretty and your hair color gives the edge on!


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