These pictures were taken on a much milder evening when bare legs was still an option in Pennsylvania, but sometimes the post scheduling gets scrambled so here they are now. I'm wearing a new pair heeled loafers from my sponsor Sole Society. I liked the way the maroon shoes picked up some of the more subtle colors in my dress. Also, how fun is it to find a zig-zag print that doesn't remind you of Charlie Brown?
If you haven't checked out Sole Society before here's the scoop: they offer new styles every day, many are made from real leather or suede, all shoes start at $49.95 and there's free shipping both ways so it makes purchasing online quite hassle-free. In February they're launching a capsule collection designed by Julianna Hough and you can already shop her favorites that are currently in the store. I personally enjoyed the search function--looking for shoes by color and heel height (since I'm terrible at walking in towering stilettos!). Anyway, it's definitely a site to check out for almost every style out there at prices that won't break the bank.
Also, Sole Society is offering my readers a unique discount; use code "TCH20" to get $20 off your first purchase.

Outfit details:



  1. Great outfit and the photo is so lovely!

  2. Hi!
    I love your pictures, but weren't you afraid of ruining your shoes??? I can't take that idea out of my mind! Please tell me these beauties are allright!

  3. These shoes look great- very grown up but still can be worn dressed up or dressed down.

    The photographic choice to shoot with them just barely in the water really is cool and highlights your shoes!

  4. Wow! Love that dress! The mixed prints look amazing! :)

    xo Elizabeth


  5. you look like you're walking on water! gorgeous dress!
    ~niki <3

  6. These pics are so fun! Standing in the water like that just looks so neat! Love the zig-zag pattern!


  7. Love your dress!


  8. Your dress is really, really cute!!! I love how the patterns mix on it... I mean, who doesnt like zig zags?! Also its really cool how youre standing on the water!!!


  9. @Lilsirene, they didn't really get in the water much at all, so the shoes are fine--my toes didn't even get wet. :) I was mostly worried about slipping and falling in where it's deeper.

  10. So stunning! That dress is pretty amazing - I love the zig zag pattern for sure ;)

  11. Well, since these shoes also seem to give the power of walking on water, put me down as sold!

  12. so cool!! i really adore how you made the photos look more interesting by standing on water :) those shoes are awesome!


  13. The dress is amazing! I love that you're standing in the water on this pictures - such a great idea)))



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