Sunday Remix

I've remixed this sweater (from ASOS more than a year ago now) before, but it's still a favorite of mine partly due to the horse print echoing my online nom de plume and the lovely mustard yellow color. I feel as if I only have a handful of sweaters compared to the number of dresses in my arsenal, so they tend to get worn quite often. Still this one is flexible enough to wear with a number of different color palettes and layers nicely with dresses, skirts, jeans, whatever. 



  1. I LOVE your hair in the first picture! WOO it's so pretty all curled up like that :) And my favorite way of you wearing it is with a button up underneath. Classy and classic and chic :)
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  2. Love that sweater...can't go wrong with quirky-cute prints!

  3. Love your sweater and these outfits are really great.

  4. This is a one of my favorite items from your closet precisely because it matches your nom de plume!

  5. Love evey & each outfit!!!! The top with the skirt in the first picture is beyond nice!!! Great style, following you know here in bloglovin!
    I also have a horse printed blouse from Asos, that I love!

  6. Love it! It's a beautiful sweater!



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