The Country Mouse

Whenever I go to a larger city like New York or DC, someone inevitably asks the question, "where are you from?" Since from is a problematic term for someone who hasn't lived anywhere for more than three years in a row, I always answer carefully that, "I live in Pennsylvania right now." A few months ago I could give the even more exotic answer that I was dwelling in an old farmhouse so rural that Amish buggies often drove past my front door. Strangely people's reaction is usually one of surprise and occasionally they voice their astonishment with the words, "oh but by the way you dress I would have thought you lived in a city." I'm always struck by how antiquated that way of thinking is. While greater distances between destinations and a lack of sidewalks might prevent someone from wearing stilettos all the time, there isn't really any reason to assume that city-dwellers are more stylish than those who chose a life closer to nature. With the dawn of the Internet age anyone can access the Paris couture shows a few hours after the models strut down the runways--and with online shopping most clothing whether designer or indie or even mainstream can be accessed from nearly any corner of the world. Cities do offer the constant stimulation of so many people with unique styles and their manifold presence might be motivation to walk out of your door looking semi-decent even at the earliest hour, but with street fashion blogs we have access to some of the most inspiring strangers and some of us only need ourselves as motivation to get dressed up in the morning. I love living closer to a desolate river shore than a crowded subway station and I hope no one falls into a line of thought that prevents them from experimenting with their style just because they don't live in a big city.

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BC Footwear oxfords


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