All The World Is A Stage

Those outfit feels a bit more theatrical than what I've been wearing lately, but with my super short hair I can't resist hiding a bit behind a hat. I've owned this vintage beret for many years, but I've still only worn it a handful of times; I love how modern the stud detailing feels. We often forget that when we look at the past--the timelessness or even very forward-thinking appeal of certain vintage items. I think it's because the past was so backwards-thinking in some ways (social roles, etc) that we forget how adventurous people have nearly always been with fashion; that many of these trends we develop from studs to funny printed tights have actually been around for decades. Have you seen this video of bizarre hats from the 1950s? In some ways people nowadays play things so safe; we're constantly told a look isn't "work appropriate" or a funny accessory is childish, the list goes on as to why we should conform to some basic way of dressing that calls for very little use of imagination or creativity. Anyway, this is the sort of outfit I personally really love putting together.

Outfit details:
vintage beret
Clinique lipstick
Tulle coat (from last year, similar here)
vintage Coach purse
*pictures by Kate


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