Sunday Remix

Button-down blouses are the best for layering. Usually I opt for a basic white shirt to pair with my sweaters, but since I bought this gingham one last year it's become another layering piece in heavy rotation. Mine's Antipodium, but there are a number of other options out there. This is just a round-up of a few times I've worn it in the past--I'm certain it will appear in many more outfits before the year is through.



  1. These outfits are so different that I had to look at it twice before I could spot the remixed item!

  2. button downs are really the best. I like how versatile this checkered shirt is!
    Rebecca @

  3. I recently got a blue gingham shirt after searching for one for awhile and you're right It really is super versatile!

    You wear it well and I might steal some ideas!

  4. Love your style! All these outfits are darling.

  5. I always love your remix posts! You're so creative when it comes to how you wear your clothes

  6. I really love that first photo, the body language, your legs, and your facial expression is just very nice.


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