As A Tower Firmly Set

BeBop sent me this dress right in time for holiday parties and it really is so perfect for the season. The gilded lace is perfectly festive, but the cut of the dress is comfy enough for a family holiday dinner where you eat until your belly aches. It was definitely comfortable enough for the mini-road trip I took to see this tower in Nazareth, PA. I spotted the tower on Kathryn's blog and knew I had to pay the lovely site a visit myself. I talked my good friend Jon into making the drive with me and we arrived just before sunset to see the tower framed with trees at the highest point of the city. The location affords a beautiful view of the valley below and despite the chill in the air I had fun exploring the tower and getting these shots. The highlight of the trip though was the diner we stopped at on the way back--we might have been the only people there under 45, but they had the best french fries.
I don't get around PA enough, but I really want to explore more sites like this one while I live here. I move often enough (I've only been here for about five months) that I should act like a tourist around my home. Does anyone have suggestions for other neat places in Pennsylvania to visit?

Outfit details:
vintage beret
H&M cardigan
initial necklace
Seychelles oxfords
*pictures by Jon


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