Out On A Limb

I don't wear trousers often--I don't really feel "myself" in them. When I was younger I wore jeans every day to school; there were a number of factors behind this but one being my self-consciousness of my legs. In an athletic family, my legs weren't toned. In the preppy and tan state of North Carolina, I was blatantly pale (vampiric almost). It was a rather warm place to live (my first three years of high school) so tights weren't an option and jeans added to my likelihood of blending in with the crowd. It took me awhile to get over my self-consciousness of my legs and my further self-consciousness of being noticed for wearing something slightly uncommon, but once I did there really was no turning back--I realized how much I preferred skirts, how much more comfortable I felt in them, and started ridding my wardrobe of my jeans. So now when I make a conscious decision to wear jeans or trousers for variety it is just that: a conscious decision, no longer my only viable option or my only comfort zone. Sometimes it's actually hard for me to wear pants because I still associate it with those years that I wore them because I felt I had to...

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Clinique lipstick


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