Gold Finger

I definitely like a little Midas touch in my wardrobe. Usually it's more gold jewelry than lurex tights or this rather glam pleated skirt, but every so often it's nice to over-indulge in metallics. Outfits like this make me want to dress more fancy on the regular--to wear sequins during the day and pile on excessive amounts of jewelry. But then my sequins get caught on my mittens or scratch my legs and the jewelry just conducts cold winter air against my skin that much faster (I've even stopped wearing my favorite rings that never leave my fingers in warmer months). It's so hard to find that balance between idealism and reality.

Outfit details:



  1. I love love love those shoes. I have some a lot like them. But I would buy them in every color if I had the money :)

  2. Very cute! Love the little pops of gold/brass here and there (buttons, studs, etc).

    I have to be careful wearing rings in winter because my hands get cold, which means skinny fingers and loose rings...I'm liable to lose one. Actually, that has happened before; a ring slipped off when I was out and about, and I didn't notice till hours later. That's not a problem in hot, humid months though; everything sticks to me like glue, and I sometimes have trouble getting jewelry off! ;)

  3. I love how the mettalic is repeated/playing off the spikes. There so much fun contrast- the slouchy with the fancy, the casual with the fancy.

  4. Love those beanies with ears, they're everywhere now and that's great because they're adorable :3
    I always add a little sparkle to my outfits during the winter, it's the most appropriate time to do it :)

    Une Dandizette

  5. You always seem to get your outfits and photos so pitch perfect, and I really like your skirt with the shoulder studded jumper. Such a gorgeous winter outfit.
    X Jane

  6. rebecca, it's fun, it has the element of surprise, while being classically you, and true to your style! big like here. :)

  7. I always find myself getting sucked into the illusion of perfection that comes across in photographs. I know fashion bloggers must have wardrobe malfunctions/annoyances too but I never see them so I get the impression that you can lounge around in the freezing cold or wind and still emerge looking completely put together.

    PS love the earth art you have featured lately, especially the Barry Underwood photography. I was not familiar with his work but it is similar to an in situ landscape project I did recently.

  8. Metallics are so perfect for winter! Especially when you team them with chic knitwear and a coat like you´ve done here. Check out our DIY: Turban Tutorial - it would go perfectly with this outfit!


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