Red Sky At Morning, Sailor's Take Warning

Most of my collection of red dresses is decorating my walls now. People can't seem to walk past my bedroom without commenting on them (I really don't think seven red dresses is that unusual). Maybe one day I'll take the plunge and paint my walls some scarlet hue, but that would mean establishing roots for more than a six month period. The constant visual stimulation from this decoration might by why I haven't been wearing them a lot lately--or perhaps I just feel too lazy to take them off their nails and put them back up again...Regardless of how often I wear it or otherwise I still really enjoy this particular one; it's the perfect cut and paired with one of my favorite hats this outfit was just really fun to wear. The way my friends either scratch behind the ears of this hat or tease me that I look like a woodland creature when I get leaves on it (hey, I'm walking through the woods, leaves happen) should probably make me feel ridiculous when I wear it, but man it's so cozy. And grey's a neutral...

Outfit details:
UO hat (old, similar one here)
thrifted cardigan
Zara dress (old, similar here



  1. lovely outfit. I like the idea of using dresses to decorate too.

  2. You should wear red more often. It lights you up beautifully.

  3. Possibly one of my favourite outfits of yours - you rock those red dresses, Rebecca! I only have two, I feel like I'm letting the side down..xx

  4. You look cute! Your blog is lovely!

  5. You always wear the most beautiful shoes x

  6. The third to last photo is my favorite, so adorable! The cut of this dress is terrific! I too hang (vintage) dresses on my wall for both decoration and organization purposes, and people think it is strange. Thank again for the blowfish giveaway hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  7. so so so cute! I love the dress, cardigan, leather jacket combo. :)


  8. rebecca, you look positively adorable. :) 7 red dresses? wow! maybe you can show us how you've used them to decorate your wall?

  9. Your beanie is soo cute, luv the ears! You have the most darling autumn style!



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