The Evolution Of Winter Outfits

I am a sucker for backless dresses even in winter...the sheer sleeves on this one from Onze give me the illusion of warmth, although I was more than ready to shrug my jacket back on by the time these shots were snapped. The tights really added to the festive feel of the dress and made for a nice concert outfit over the weekend--I added thigh high socks and a heavier coat to survive the cold in the evening. That's the thing about winter outfits: they're in a constant state of evolution. You walk indoors and off comes the hat, coat, and scarf. Back outdoors and you layer it up again. Mittens off for opening doors or really doing anything with your hands. Heading out again at night, more layers--another pair of tights, a thicker pair of tall socks. Worried about snow or ice? Might have to switch your shoes for boots. Hermit-ing at the end of a day? Off with the coat, on with a cozy cardigan. It's a constant game of addition and subtraction. Did I wear this on Saturday? Yes, but I also "styled" several other looks at various points in the day...
P.S. Onze is having a sale tomorrow (12/7), you can get 25% off all dresses with code "Dress25"

Outfit details:
Seams to Be scarf



  1. That's a lovely dress! I love backless dresses but I always feel a little self conscious because of my back surgery scar. This is an especially nice dress because of the long sleeves too. I feel a little warmer just having my arms covered, even if it's just a little sheer fabric.

  2. It's so true. My attire is in a constant state of flux right now, and for the next several months.


  3. I'm a fan of your dress and your hair blow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. that dress is lovely. I understand you have to wear it even when it's cold...

  5. Ladies are fortunate in that they can have a few different scarves and use those to vary their outfits. Men don't reallly wear scarves, at least in my part of the country. A tie just doesn't have the same visual impact.

  6. Very cute outfits!! Lovely blog <3

  7. I love how much your tights look like a starry night sky!

  8. Yes, winter dressing is a dance with several partners.

  9. you look so lovely rebecca! i adore the tights, and the dress is so fancy. i like it with the scarf too. :)

  10. Lovely dress and very nice pixie cut !!


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