Adamant For Drift

I'm not much for "New Year resolutions" as they seem to only last for a few months or so, but in addition to it being a new year I also have my birthday approaching and both seem to loom overhead making time seem very finite. One goal I do have in the coming year is to dress more interesting. I have no desire to abandon my style or necessarily step out of my comfort zone, but I keep reflecting on the quote "people who dress well lead more interesting lives." Dressing well of course doesn't need to mean designer, or really any specific look; I feel it's all about committment to a look, dedication to a personal style, a real interest in having your clothes say something. As for interesting lives, that could just mean your strange skirt that resembles a teddy bear sparks a conversation with a stranger, or it could mean a willingness to be spontaneous because you are dressed and ready for anything. Whatever happens I just want to listen to my instincts a bit more and wear clothes that seem fun regardless of how impractical they seem and with less concern for if I'm going to be stared at for looking odd...

Outfit details:
vintage shoes
UO mittens (similar pair here)
Tumblr tote bag


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