Erdem Pre-Fall 2013

Erdem Pre-Fall is the collection of choice for that rising socialite you went to high school with and want to hate but can't help being slightly jealous of instead. She attends all the parties you end up waitressing for your friend who caters and you always see her from a distance rubbing elbows with famous people. You've never heard her say anything remotely witty, but they all seem to laugh when she places her hand on their arm and leans in with that knowing twinkle in her eye. It's high school all over again; her getting excused from class for a family trip to Aspen while you were lucky to get a snow day. She was never a mean girl, but you can't help begrudging her the inherited fur coats anyway. Money can't buy style, but darn it if she didn't hire a really brilliant stylist who put her in patterned wedges and dropwaist dresses that epitomize modern chic instead of forgettable nude platforms and princess dresses. Tomorrow she'll appear in some magazine and you'll be scouring eBay for the shoes she wore to that gala...


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