Gone Antiquing

My father visited me the other weekend and we went trooped around all the antique stores in the area. I almost never buy anything from antique or vintage shops these days, but I still get a kick of trying on funny hats and caressing the vintage cameras (so pretty). It's always fun to go shopping with my father--we tend to wander apart then call the other person over to show them some quirky find. It's definitely a good way to pass the weekend and one of these days I will splurge on that handpainted antique side table or fur stole.

Outfit details: 
Neneee cardigan
purse c/o Modcloth (old)



  1. ooo love the pattern/ colour scheme of that dress. pretty pretty.

  2. I love antiquing! Although like you said I haven't been in far to long, the same with vintage shopping - I really should get myself to some fairs because even when I do t buy anything I just love to look around and see what beautiful things exist out there!

    Alexandra Lauren Rose

  3. your dress is so pretty! I love it very much! I would love to go shopping with my father, but I can't imagine him going with me to an antique shop.. uhh.. Did you leave without buying anything? I wouldn't be able to resist getting something :-)

  4. @chestnut mocha, my father is actually much more fond of shopping than my mother (ironic esp considering he's in the military and people stereotype), but yeah I go shopping with him far more than my mother. and no, I didn't buy anything--I have everything I need, so it's hard to buy things I know will just take up room :)

  5. Can you tell me what store you were in (specifically the one with the bee hat if you went to multiple stores?) I live around Lancaster and wanted to go check out some antique and vintage stores.

  6. @Maya, Sorry I don't remember which one the bee hat was in. We went to the antique stores in Carlisle though. If you go to one they typically have a list of others as well--there's like 7 we visited that day, so I sort of blurred them together which is which and never paid much attention to names anyway. I wish I could be more helpful, but when someone else drives I tend to tune out.


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