Tiny Miracles Of Beauty

Ah, I'm so pleased to have some pictures in falling snow this winter! We've had several snowfalls, but they've eithered happened at night, or while I was occupied, so these are my first proper pictures enjoying the flurry. Flakes kept getting caught on my coat and I was reminded of how Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley pioneered snowflake photography. What I mostly remember about him is how he captured flakes on bolts of black velvet and described them as "tiny miracles of beauty." Learning that in junior high science class always left me with a romantic vision of him and snowfall in general. How tender it seems to be caught mid-fall on a bed of black velvet...

Outfit details:
UO hat (old, similar here)
Wren dress


carelessly cut said...

I took some snaps in the snow earlier but it proceeded to rain while I was outside :/ not quite as magical!
Lovely outfit,

Rosie x

Ali Hval said...

Oh, I'm glad you got some snow pictures! I hope to get some soon one day myself. It snowed last week but melted within two hours--so short lived, it was. Soon!

That hat is the most adorable thing ever. You and your accessories look so cozy and warm, even in the cold snow!

Mariana said...

This post was really pretty. How tender it seems! :)

Charlotte F said...

Gorgeous! :)

thingstoholdandstir said...

fresh snow is ineffably magical. these photos are lovely.

check us out? follow us back?

Sasha said...

Your Dress is amazing

Hannah (Floating Balloons) said...

The snow looks so perfect! These photos are so nice!

Mal of America said...

Still can't get over that hat! So cute.

And way jealous of your snowy weather, too!

Emma Vidmar said...

I love this outfit! i know i know, thats what every comment here says, but hey. it's true. it's cute. your cute. your blog is cute. you're just seeping cute and i can't handle.

Rachel said...

Gosh I've missed the snow this year. I used to live at a higher elevation, more towards the mountains. My parents have gotten snow this year, but here in Seattle...nothing.