Great Falls

Great Falls Park isn't far from where my parents live, so while I was home my sister and I drove out for a brief visit. It's quite an impressive site, but the cold weather made our appreciation of the sight brief. Both of us were quite chilled by the time we headed back to the car, although I must admit she was dressed more weather-appropriately...

Outfit details:
vintage cardigan
thrifted skirt (similar here)
By Paige loafers
UO mittens
*pictures by my sister 



  1. I have been looking everywhere for a fox sweater like that! You look lovely, btw.

    Oh and I was informed that in the past people couldn't view my blogger profile. But I've fixed that :)

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I was wondering why the comments for your art/design/inspiration posts are turned off. I often really enjoy those posts!

  3. Great Falls, VA?
    Wow, I used to live in the area when I was a kid and my family and I used to drive out there all the time! My Dad actually grew up really close by and did some really dumb things in his youth like jumping off the cliffs into the water. We visit everytime we go to VA!

  4. Your shoes are fantastic!
    I love the fox loafers on their site.

  5. I hate the fact that miserable weather tends to take away for otherwise really lovely experiences! Such a bummer. But it looks like a really beautiful place. Also, those mittens are absolutely incredible! So so cute!

    On a side note, its supper cool how you linked a similar item for the skirt that you thrifted so that your readers can purchase something similar if they'd like. I am always so bummed out when a blogger has an awesome piece that I can't get because the found it at a thrift store. Thanks for that! (L

  6. oh gosh these pictures are gorgeous! and those gloves are so cute and quirky!
    ~niki <3

  7. Great Fox T and what a...sublime location. Or perhaps majestic? Merely saying beautiful doesn't quite convey the right feeling somehow.

  8. The fox jumper is really nice and love the flats want a pair my self


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