Let It Be Practical and Dark

I always feel quite invincible in these wellies. Perhaps it's due to my other footwear being on the less practical side--ballet flats or even low-heeled oxfords aren't ideal shoes for the paths I like to wander along. But in my wellies no path is too muddy, every stream is crossable, and wading into a lake for a few photographs is perfectly reasonable. They're also really handy in the snow and the remaining slush and ice that lingers for much longer after the snow has melted. We've only had a couple of proper snows this winter and usually it's cleared away by the next day, but vestiges do remain.

Outfit details:
thrifted skirt (similar here)



  1. I would love to have shoes like that. But then I wonder when would I ever use them?


  2. Lovely photos!
    And I really like your hat too. :)

  3. I've kept up with your outfits for about four years, first on Chictopia, now I follow your blog.

    Your style is very consistently wonderful. I love your hair short by the way. It suits you.

    That studded sweater is super cute.

    Tiff Ima

  4. You are gorgeous and I really love your pics <3

  5. What fun pics, nothing better than pulling your Wellies on and paddling in the water and you look gorgeous too.

  6. I love wellies too! I still have a child like fascination with them when I wear them, you know, stepping in puddles because I CAN!


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