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I've mentioned by grandmother's enviable collection of vintage Coca-Cola memorabilia before--I even shot a few pictures in this room a few years ago, but I still enjoyed the opportunity to explore it again during a visit to her home. Every nook and cranny seems to be filled with the coolest things from serving trays to toy cars and sets of cards. When I was younger I was always a little afraid of my grandmother's collections, or rather afraid to go near them--everything seemed incredibly valuable and I didn't want to break anything. It's rather nice to visit her now as an adult and get to explore all the rooms I avoided when I was a child. She isn't adding to her collection anymore, but every time I visit I seem to find something I hadn't noticed before.

Outfit details:
vintage cardigan
ASOS necklace
Seychelles oxfords
*pictures of me by my sister Emily



  1. Oh my God! I love the kitschy coca cola memorabilia & it's the perfect background for your adorable outfit! <3

  2. Rebecca, I love these pics taken in the Coke Room at your grandmother's (my cousin). I like all of the Coke memorabilia too. I'm sure Joan was happy to have all the family home for Christmas. And Happy New Year.

  3. Wow! you're so cool !I love your haircut too! So beautiful

  4. Ha! How fun is that? And you are wearing the perfect outfit for it!

  5. It looks so cool!
    And you look like girl from Coca-Cola ad! :D

  6. OMG. You are as cute as a button!
    Love the vintage feel of the pictures and outfits.

    Def going to follow your blog =D

  7. Your outfit matches perfectly! I lvoe that ltitle room. That is one of the coolest things Ive ever seen. It's so interesting to see peoples collections, I love it!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  8. What an amazing collection! And I love how you're coordinating with all the pretty Coke things ;)

  9. I love a glimpse of the collection and your outfit, too!

  10. What a quirky nana! Your outfit goes perfectly with all the Coke stuff!


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