Make An Exit

Open-back dresses are such a nuisance even in winter, but I still can't seem to resist them. There's something about dresses or clothes with details on the back that beg for a subtle sort of attention. Watch me as I walk away. My impression is made not in the coming, but the leaving. A face seems open, emotions almost obvious in wide-set eyes, but with the turning away and the display of some unexpected detail, a sliver of skin usually hidden now exposed to air and eyesight first impressions shatter. Pre-conceived notions dissipate and what seemed obvious becomes questionable. It all reminds me of this article I read once of a mysterious woman--I found the advice on how to achieve the mysterious aura hidden between the lines of prose too dogmatic to follow in my own life, but pieces of it left an impression. A mysterious woman is all about unexpected details and rarely makes an entrance, but always knows her absence is noted...

Outfit details:
Tulle coat (old, similar here)
thrifted cardigan


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