Men Are But Gilded Loam Or Painted Clay

I wore this skirt for New Years; which my family spent bowling. You can't get too glam if you're going to be tossing a ten pound ball down a lane, so it was just this skirt and cozy sweater--much like today's outfit. It's not how one typically pictures New Years, but perhaps my idea of that holiday is too influenced by Ginger Rogers movies. The night should obviously end with a choreographed dance that finishes just at the stroke of midnight. Obviously. Still, it was a fun night with my family and now when I wear this skirt on mundane days of errands and e-mails, I recall that night. Clothes are so tied to memories for me. A memorable night in a specific dress means I'll remember that night every time I put that dress on.

Outfit details:



  1. I love this post. Is f+++ing amazing! <3

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  2. I totally know what you mean! I always feel as though New Year's should be incredibly glamorous, but I always spend it with my family in a similarly-low key way. I love the idea of adding a little sparkle. Such a cute skirt!

  3. This is such a beautiful combination. I'm always happy when people are not afraid to wear green.

  4. One of these years there will be champagne and bling and jazz!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  5. Damn girl, these photos are so beautiful! x

  6. The skirt & bag are very gorgeous looking here. The girl is with the dresses looking Wow........:)

  7. I love the shoes and hat. Very cute.

  8. i had those polkadot oxfords! they're so cute! somehow the leather felt very stiff on me so had to returned them. do you feel uncomfortable in them?

  9. @littleyellowpolkadot, well these shoes are studs not polka dots. I don't find them uncomfortable, a bit sturdy to be sure, but I'm wearing them with socks and tights so they haven't rubbed my feet raw or anything. Sometimes shoe do need to be worn in before they're really comfortable though.


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