Smoke and Mirrors

I still had some smoke bombs from this summer left over, so Jon and I got together to wander through some old horse trails in the woods and you know, set things on fire. With the snow melt and lingering ice the only things that did catch on fire were the smoke bombs (thank goodness). It's hard to shoot an entire set with varying angles and show a head-to-toe outfit when you're taking rapid shots in the freezing cold with a narrow window of time before the smoke dissipates, but I always love the results even when the focus is off or my face is obscured. The effect they add to photographs is just so fun and it's nice to experiment a bit.

Outfit details:
UO hat (similar here)
thrifted cardigan
Wren dress
BC Footwear oxfords
vintage Coach purse
*pictures by Jon



  1. I love the effect! & the outfit is awesome too, of course.

  2. The smoke bombs look so cool with that dress!! Love your nails, too. The outfit and the smoke go perfectly together :) You have the coolest pictures, always! <3

  3. Love these photos. It's a very nice effect!
    This outfit is great too.

  4. These photos are breathtaking! I love your photo styling so much. Of course the gorgeous subject doesn't hurt! :)

  5. so so cool! smoke always looks so whimsical in photos. and i'm in love with that dress!
    ~niki <3

  6. I love the style of these photos too, even with obscured faces or what-have-you. They are great.


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