Where You Invest Your Time You Invest Your Life

With my current addiction to drawing (I've doodled a little something every day for more than a month now) I couldn't resist this dress with it's feather print--the thick black lines are quite reminiscent of the designs I favor. My inspirations are always lurking around like that. I remember I bought a futuristic flower print dress and asked a friend, "doesn't this look like Erdem Fall 2010?" She shook her head at me, not because she didn't get the reference but because she couldn't see the connection. Oh well, it's enough for me that I can recognize those points of inspiration even if they remain rather obscure to others. Everything you surround yourself or devote yourself becomes a source of inspiration or influence. If we start paying attention we start seeing these overlaps between our hobbies and other areas of our life (like our wardrobes).

Outfit details:
vintage beret
H&M cardigan


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