A Day At The Museum

As I mentioned before, for next couple of weeks my outfit posts will probably be focusing on my chaperoning duties and such. To start off the DC schedule was pretty packed, but between speeches and embassies and performances the group did get a brief break at the National History Museum. It was rather like herding cats to move a group of twenty-five or so youth from one room to the next, but we managed to not lose anyone between the Hope Diamond and the butterfly room.

Outfit details:
thrifted cardigan
Cynthia Rowley dress
Zara purse
*pictures by Jon



  1. Your dress is perfection! I LOVE it! The pic with the walrus is great! I hope to go there one day...:)

  2. your dress is pretty, and so are you! you kinda look like carrey mulligan.=)


  3. I'm impressed you had time to get photos in with your busy schedule! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures :)

  4. Ah the joy and sorrow of chaperoning :D anyway, I don't really understand how you manage to look so freaking cute in EVERY outfit you post.
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  5. oh man! I lived in Baltimore when I was like 3-5 and I remember trekking to this museum with my family. such great memories! I'd love to see it again in person.


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  8. that is the perfect Day at the Museum dress. your cardigan is the best.


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