Erin Fetherston Fall 2013

The Erin Fetherston girl has read a few too many Grimm's fairy tales. She traded her Disney films for the more bloodthirsty originals when she was still a pre-teen and graduated to Madeleine de Scudéry before finishing high school. Now in college she dresses like the characters she wishes to be--romantic and a little Gothic; the line between princess and villain blurred. You might roll your eyes are her when she shows up at her eight am class in a tulle concoction with a wreath of dead flowers in her hair, but you grudgingly admit there's substance beneath the smell of tuberose and old books, whenever she opens her mouth. You were surprised to find her (still in costume) cashiering at the school book store, but an obsession with 17th Century heroines did not lead to a mystical inheritance.


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